H&K Earthmoving Pty Ltd
Health Safety Environment & Quality

H&K Earthmoving is committed to the Health and Safety of their employees.


At H&K Earthmoving we understand that the health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors, and conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner is fundamental to the success of our business. We will therefore strive to continuously improve our operational standards and in doing so demonstrate our commitment to protecting our people and our environment.

OUR GOAL  “A healthy workplace free of injuries that has minimum impact to the environment”
1. LEGISLATION – we will identify and implement all HS&E legislative standards and codes of practice relevant to our operations. 
2. CONSULTATION – we will adopt a team approach to improving our operational standards through open and regular consultation across all levels of the company. 
3. TRAINING – we will improve our understanding on how to manage HS&E issues through regular and effective training 
4. HAZARD AND RISK MANAGEMENT – we will identify and control HS&E hazards in operational and activity planning 
5. SYSTEMS OF WORK - we will develop and implement effective programs to drive a methodical and systematic approach to managing HS&E issues and maintain records. 
6. MONITOR – we will conduct regular workplace assessments to ensure we are complying with the standards we are wanting to achieve 
7. WASTE REDUCTION - we will look for ways to reduce the energy we use, the waste we produce, and ways to reuse and recycle materials 
8. MEASURE - we will develop HS&E objectives, targets and measures to track our operational performance and improvements 
9. LEADERSHIP - we will ensure everyone is aware of their HS&E responsibilities and provide the support and leadership to enable them to meet their responsibilities. 
10. EMERGENCY RESPONSE – we will develop and test emergency plans to manage any unforeseen events 
11. REHABILITATION – in the regrettable instance of a team member being injured we will provide effective rehabilitation and support to ensure a speedy recovery.  

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES  The Managing Director is responsible for developing this policy and ensuring its implementation through line management. The policy applies to all employees and contractors who are engaged by H&K Earthmoving. This policy will be reviewed every three years. 

Peter Hassall 
Managing Director 
H&K Earthmoving 
March 2012